Peter Banning Coffeepot Sessions: Ophelia Syndrome

1. And You
2. No Surprises

"And You" (D. Wells, Cello arranged by T. Nadeau)
"No Surprises" (T. Yorke & J. Greenwood)
Deanna Wells: Vocals, Piano on "And You" & Korg on "No Surprises"
Trina Nadeau: Cello
Todd Donald: Guitars on "No Surprises"
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Todd Donald.
Recorded at Deanna's home in Ancaster, ON; September 10th, 2017,
also at Northern Morning Music studio in Waterloo, ON; September 12th, 2017.
Cover art & photo: Todd Donald

Original song "And You" by Ophelia Syndrome - unreleased
I hope they don’t mind, but i’m sharing these songs in the opposite of what I believe is the intended order. I’m a longtime pal, but also let’s not forget, a huge fan of Deanna, Trina and co., as musicians, artists and people. So, as a fan, I want for you (assuming this is your introduction to Ophelia Syndrome) to first hear their wonderful & unique songwriting prowess. In Deanna’s words “And you... This is an old song. I picked this one this time for Trina. She always wanted it recorded, and it never ended up on anything. Classic AABA song structure and arpeggiation. It's in D... ;)” …as short and sweet a description, as the song itself!

Original version of “No Surprises" by Radiohead
Appears on ‘OK Computer' - 1997 Parlophone/Capitol
“Alright, so No Surprises. We've played this song live several times, several ways, at several gigs. I can't for the life of me remember why we started playing it? I think at a rehearsal once, I played the key part, and we started going with it. I know you said 3 sentences... sorry Todd! We are very big Radiohead fans, and have covered several of their songs, but, suffice it to say, this one is always one of our favourites. Also, truth be told, when I said "Todd asked for a cover", Trina texted back "No Surprises." And that was that.” - Deanna

Ophelia Syndrome:

"Ophelia Syndrome are a bunch of weirdoes who make noise together. They try to blend various keyed instruments, cello, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, and whatever else they can find to hit, pluck, strum or occasionally blow. The result is their own unique blend of “indie” music, a term they are fairly certain has become ambiguous enough to encompass their indistinguishable classical, jazz, folk, roots, funk, soul, r&b, classic and contemporary rock influences. Yeah thats right, they like music, listen to it, and unintentionally steal whatever they can get away with, since by now everything’s been done by someone else anyway… you’ll just have to decide for yourself what they actually sound like because you won’t read it here."

That was me letting the bio tell you about them. Over the last ten years, my experiences performing with, or interviewing OS, has always been full of laughter and the joy of discussion (typically regarding music). There is of course the frame of reference of having attended Mohawk College for music during the same time as members past and present. : ). I also have an enormous amount of respect for Deanna and Trina as trained musicians, and this is where I admit that while I enjoy putting my name under the title of "Producer", I straight-up ain't one. I have just enough of a knack to capture magic as demonstrated here, and please congratulate me, because I get to be responsible for presenting for the first time online, their original song "And You"!


On September 10th, I returned to Jerseyville Road, where 1 year ago I interviewed OS for my old videocast. There, we set up and went straight into recording two live-off-the-floor performances by Trina (on Cello) and Deanna singing, and playing keys (Korg for one, Piano for the other). They did 2-3 takes of each and we called it a session. Trina demands the best of herself as a performer, and I felt a bit bad after, having laughingly demanded that she not be so hard on herself. There are few like her who are as dedicated to their craft, that they refuse to let themselves stop pushing the best out. They're aware of when they're at their best, and ultra-aware of when they feel they're not. As you can hear, she did what I would consider an incomparably beautiful job,, but I deeply respect her attitude as well. I enjoyed working with Deanna also, who was not only in-tune with the raw, untamed, rock-purist approach i'm taking with the PBCP Sessions, but was kind enough to let me borrow her vocal mic for this session, which I think you'll find, captured all the wonderful nuances of Dee's vocal performance. Two sweethearts, two songs, and I was encouraged to add something, so I added a little guitaring to the middle/end of the Radiohead tune. Substituting my background vocals with a guitar performance of the same notes. This was done the Tuesday after. Good times!